From concept and or sketch to the eventual image, every decision has it’s part. There every brushstroke is a new reality, but just as important is that which doesn’t get painted. I strive for realism with ever less reference materials. I've been working hard to paint completely from memory since it gives me a greater freedom to paint whatever pops into my head.

I solely work with handmade media and paints, using both my own and classical recipes. I can control the paint way better then I would with store bought products, the quality is simply superior and I feel more connected with the materials I use. I usually keep a very restricted pallet of colors, I want people to see the subtle and seemingly endless nuances a single color possesses. I look for balance in (nuanced) contrasts, contrasts in brightness, hue, form and contra-form.

The subjects in my still life’s, to me at least, come alive and develop character as the painting progresses. I regard them as friends; and as all people (after a certain age) slightly disturbed and worn. In most of my works I am looking for pathos but containing a slight disturbance.

My goals for the foreseeable future: I know I tend to gravitate towards the difficult, and I’m fully aware that more often than not still life painting is regarded as passé, but I want to drag this style into the 21 century. My current work is a progression of these larger still life paintings. The walls behind the objects are getting bigger, gain more prominence and work increasingly more like abstract paintings by themselves. I am working towards a mélange of abstract and figurative elements in a single painting. And have them work as contemporary art while being painted in a classical way. It also allows me to combine the extremely restrictive way of still life painting with the freedom I need.

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