From concept and or sketch to the eventual image, every decision has it’s part. There every brushstroke is a new reality, but just as important is that which doesn’t get painted.

I tend to work in figurative as well as in abstract stiles, I like how the two influence each other.

In my more abstract works I am looking for the border between control and coincidence. This art of duality intrigues me. I like to control the element of coincidence while behind it lies a undiscovered world. From this idea springs the notion that everything that is hidden intriguing is to me. To discover something keeps invoking a childish enthusiasm. At the same time I seek to hide the figurative meaning in my more abstract works. Balancing on the thin line what to reveal and what to leave discoverable. 

Lately ever more abstract elements seem to find their way into my figurative works. My figurative worlds I mostly make without reference material. If been working hard to do paintings completely from memory since it gives me a greater freedom to paint whatever pops into my head.

I am looking for a certain kind of pathos in most of my works, it can however be a certain disturbed kind of calm, somehow it needs to be not completely calm. I tend to look for balance in (nuanced) contrasts, contrasts in lightness, hue, form and contra form.